Our Services

Our consulting practice is all about strategy and execution. We deliver to our clients measurable results that are successful in the global Hispanic market.

We work closely with our clients to develop a strong business plan and to guide them through the implementation of their Hispanic market strategy.

Hispanic Strategy Layered on top of Corporate Strategy

Strategic Planning

Through our strategic planning process, we involve our client’s management team in a series of high-level analyses and workshops aimed at generating viable and executable strategies to penetrate and grow in the Hispanic market.

The process begins with an analysis and understanding of our client’s broad strategy, mission, and vision and short- and long-term objectives. That is followed by a Hispanic market fit strategy.

Hispanic Market Fit

We analyze and define the gap between our client’s current strategy and the Hispanic market reality.

The Hispanic market fit is usually an eye-opener for our clients, inspiring them to redefine their strategic initiatives to penetrate and serve the Hispanic market without losing track of their business model.

The result of this strategic planning process and Hispanic market fit is development and modeling of a three-year plan. This three-year strategic plan is strengthened by defining measurable one-year objectives, strategic initiatives, targets to improve and prioritize and a detailed definition of resources required to implement the plan and achieve the expected results.

Strategy Execution

A good strategy is practically worthless if it is never put into practice or is poorly executed.

The general misconception about the Hispanic market is that all that a company has to do is to translate its value offering into Spanish. That kind of thinking prevents the company from appropriately differentiating itself from its competition.

At Garcia Trujillo, we provide our clients with the tools to effectively bring a strategy into action. We do not just speak Spanish, we speak to the needs and expectations of the Hispanic consumer.

Our execution services include:

  • Project management: We help our clients build a detailed action plan for implementing their Hispanic oriented strategy and act as project managers during the strategy implementation.

    As part of our Project Management Office services, we:

    • Act as an external project controller, monitoring the advancement of every project and the achievement of milestones. We identify and track issues at both the project and program level to help project teams manage obstacles that may impede their progress.
    • Monitor the interdependencies between the various projects to ensure that major program milestones will not be impacted by date slippages at the project action plan level.
    • Ensure the completeness of the work being performed by the project teams with respect to achieving the goals of the project/program.
    • Assess the realization of intended project/program objectives.

  • Go to the market plans: We work with our clients in the process of developing a strategic marketing and communication plan for the Hispanic market, making sure our client’s value proposal will have the intended impact. We have partnered with the best of class media and marketing firms focused on the Hispanic market.
  • Financial modeling: A company fails to perform when there is not a link between its strategic initiatives and its finance. Our results oriented methodology includes a thorough financial impact analysis of every strategic action, defining the level of investment required, additional costs and possible hidden implementation costs and return on investment. We complement our service offering by designing practical and “out of the box” financial structures that will allow our clients to increase the return on their implementation of their Hispanic strategy.
  • Door opening and Networking: Through our U.S. and Latin-American network of Hispanic professionals as well as our Founding Members personal relationships in the Hispanic community, we have the capability to open doors for our clients in order to accelerate results while implementing their strategy.