Competitive Advantages

Focus on the Hispanic Market: We are uniquely dedicated to the advancement of the Hispanic community. The Hispanic demographic is playing an increasingly important role in shaping the direction of the U.S. economy. Many major corporations understand that reaching the Hispanic market is a core business imperative — that it’s not merely a niche market. This is especially relevant for companies with customers in states with large Hispanic populations, such as California, Texas, Florida, New York, Illinois, Arizona, New Jersey and New Mexico. Our extensive experience in all facets of this market help us design strategies for companies that want to grow their Hispanic market share. Our involvement in Hispanic focused transactions gives us unparalleled insight into industry trends.

Merchant Banking and Consulting Services: Traditional, long-term focused, merchant banking, consulting, and venture capital is virtually absent in the United States. Certainly no such enterprise exists that is dedicated to serving Hispanic focused businesses or companies seeking to expand in the Hispanic market in a way that leverages the full expertise, relationships and power of the Hispanic business community. Garcia Trujillo is poised to fill that gap by becoming the trusted long-term business advisor to the Hispanic business community and those seeking to expand their presence in this burgeoning and dynamic market.

Sourcing Capital from Latin America: There is a powerful trend that favors our business strategy. While the investment of funds from advanced economies into developing markets has been widespread during the past several decades, the opposite flow — investment of funds from Latin American families into the United States — is a more recent phenomenon that presents an opportunity. By December 2011, we plan to open at least five representative offices in Latin America. These representative offices will allow us to more comprehensively service our U.S.-based clients, and will serve as a catalyst in expanding our network in Latin America. Our presense in both the U.S.and Latin America, in addition to our understanding of both markets, sets us apart.

Culture of Excellence: We compete on the basis of our intellectual capital and know how specifically related to the global Hispanic market. We bring together a highly capable independent firm of professionals who have a commitment to excellence and integrity. The reputations of our Founding Members, our executive team, and the strength of our relationships are testaments to our unique culture and approach to providing superior advice to our clients.

Long Term Relationships: We align our financial interests with our clients’. We are their partners, actively working toward their long-term success, rather than agents seeking to maximize a short-term transaction fee. Our relationships are based on providing unbiased advice in the context of our clients goals and objectives.